nüvi 3560LM

New Garmin Guidance 3.0, nüvi 3560LM with FREE lifetime map updates offers the most advanced mapping capabilities available in a 5" high resolution touchscreen navigator.
Part Number: 010-00921-45
฿ 12,790.00
฿ 8,900.00
3D Buildings & Terrain View
The only device that displays beautifully rendered 3D buildings and terrain elevation map that show realistic perspective of the terrain. Help make driving safer.With the efficiency of the device, the navigation is as accurate as ever.
Junction View
Realistically displays 3-D road signs, arrows, and junctions on your route while clearly marking the correct lane to use. It makes driving so much easier when you know exactly which lane to be in and which exit to take. (Junction View and Complex Junction View)
Lane Info
Provides arrows that indicate the proper exit lane for complicated highway interchanges so that they are easier to navigate. You’ll know in plenty of time which lane to be in for the next turn.
Dual Map
A two languages map with the ability to switch back and forth between English and Thai maps on the unit. Find places for both languages according to the users' preference.
Calculate a more fuel-efficient route, track fuel usage. It even can help you learn to become a more fuel-efficient driver by showing you when you’re driving efficiently and when you’re not to help lessen warming global climate.
NOSTRA Traffic
Support the display of data or traffic conditions at all times to avoid traffic jams. *Note: The area and duration of service, quality and accuracy of data traffic depended on the traffic information provider. The company is not affiliated in any way.
Predictive routing that uses your “Favorites” list to figure out your destinations without your input. Provides time of arrival and relevant drive-time information.
Travel guide only for users of Garmin nuvi models. Find favorite restaurants, shopping centers, attractions, and accommodations across Thailand at your fingertips. Selected and recommended by ESRI, maps and navigation leader.
Where Am I
A great function to find your exact position and places around you. The emergency locator to find latitude and longitude coordinates, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations, and fuel stations.
Smartphone Link Compatible

Smartphone Link* is a free mobile app that connects your nüvi 3560LM with your Android™ smartphone. When paired, your nüvi 3560LM can use your phone’s existing data plan to share information — such as where you parked, POIs and your destination. Smartphone Link also gives you access to Garmin Live Services, useful real-time information such as weather and traffic conditions. Garmin Live Services are available free and by subscription.
* Garmin Smartphone Link app is available for downloading from Google Play Store.

Driving Recorder

The latest technology for nüvi 3560LM that support VDO Driving Recorder*. Users can record video while traveling on the road. Increase driving safety, record a trip, and circumstances that occurred while you travel.
*Sell separately as optional accessory.

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GDR 35
GBC 30
GDR 30

Custom Avoidance/ Area Avoidance
Specify or set up the avoidance to avoid the roads or areas that do not want to pass, if users know which areas have traffic problems or an event that will cause traffic jams.
Life Menu
Add the convenience navigating back home with special menu-navigation buttons-to travel quickly and easily.
Quick Search
Nuvi3560LM makes it easier to find a place you are looking for from the items that just be found.
Advanced Highway Mode
The highway exit is not limited to just three ahead. With an arrow to control scrolling up and down to check it out.

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